We sell original products which were manufactured before today's stringent health and safety standards. All sales of such goods are for collection purposes only. We do not guarantee or imply any guarantee of compliance with health and safety standards or fitness for any purpose.
In particular, while they may be perfectly safe for use, vintage electrical goods may not meet current UK standards. We recommend that all electrical goods are inspected, tested, certified and installed by a qualified electrician. We also recommend that vintage electrical goods are protected by a "RCD". We will not be liable for any loss, injury or death caused by electrical goods that have not been inspected, tested and certified by a qualified electrician.
We offer refunds on any items purchased within a two week period but shipping costs are non refundable and will have to be paid for by the buyer.
If you are ordering to outside the U.K. there may be import duties and taxes, which will have to be be paid by the buyer.