Early 20th Century Thonet B3 Wassily Chair By Marcel Breuer

Early 20th Century Thonet B3 Wassily Chair By Marcel Breuer

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An early 20th century Thonet B3 Club chair by Marcel Breuer (Hungarian 1902-1981) designed 1925-7 , slung with Tygan. 

A classic of the Bauhaus period the chair retains early original features lost once Knoll started mass producing the chair in the 1960's such as screwed joints, different frame composition. The chair is missing the stretcher at the feet.

This particular chair came from the collection of interior designer Zeev Aram, famous as the founder of the legendary London furniture store Aram Designs LTD. 

We have a matching B33 chair available. 

H 75 W 65 D 68 cm

Note: “I thought that this out of all my work would bring me the most criticism. It is my most extreme work both in its outward appearance and in the use of materials; it is the least artistic, the most logical, the least ‘cosy’ and the most mechanical”. (Marcel Breuer) Marcel Breuer first developed the design for the ‘B3’ or ‘Wassily’ Chair in 1925, taking ‘the pipe dimensions…from my bicycle. I didn’t know where else to get it or how to figure it out’. Over a period Breuer developed the chair from the original version which connected the side legs in a sled or runner arrangement, to the later version where the uprights are connected in an uninterrupted design. By the 1930s Thonet modified Breuer's design without his permission, as they held copyright, by altering the frame at the front edge of the seat and adding a floor stretcher to stabilise the form.