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A French midcentury modular shelving system reminiscent of Maison Regain, consisting of 4 cabinets and a drawer. 

We have been unable to photograph the correct mounting of the system as the beams sit between the ceiling and the floor and stand firm via a tension screw (see photo) at the top of each beam. You will need to have exactly the right distance to mount the beams otherwise the beams will need to be cut to the correct size. Two of the ceiling wedges are shorter than the other as the previous owner must have adjusted to different ceiling heights. We highly recommend this system is fitted by a professional as some additional fixings may need to be added to ensure it securely assembled.

No damage, one of the beams has warped over time.

H 244-262 W 260 D 46 cm

Long drawer H 20 W 100 D 43 cm

Cabinet H 40 W 75 D 43/31 cm

Beam 244, Including Larger wedges 262 - 257 Smaller wedge min 251 - 255 cm